Doozy changelog
Doozy changelog

New Feature: Repeating Events




It's now easier than ever to plan those weekly stand-ups and monthly catch-ups with our new repeating events feature.

🔁 Choose from daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly repeats.

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New Feature: Freestyle Activities




Block out time slots in the agenda of your event with Freestyle Activities.

Run a presentation. Discuss your new joiner. Pour a drink. Your choice.

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New feature: Event Templates




Event Templates are the fastest way to create your next team event.

Spend less time thinking what to do with our pre-populated agendas that your team will love.

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New feature: Event Collaborators




You can now add collaborators to an event to help you organise it.


New game: Curve Fever Pro




We've teamed up with folks at Curve Fever Pro to bring their fantastic multiplayer advanced super power snake game to Doozy.

Challenge up to 8 teammates to battle, jump and snake your way to map dominance!

Play now at (15).gif

New game: GeoGuess




2022-03-15 20.02.46.gif

We've added a brand new game to Doozy called GeoGuess. It's still in beta but we've been playing with it all week and it sure is fun!

Players are presented with 5 random Street View locations.

Search around and see if you can figure out where you are in the world.

The closer you are the more points you get!

Play now on

GeoGuess is based on the fabulous open source project available on Github

Room fixes and pin it tweaks





  • Sound output fixes: Some users were experiencing issues with sound coming out the wrong device
  • Scrolling on mobile: We've fixed an issue where too many participants would scroll the room bar out of view


We've cleaned up the interface on smaller devices, making the quizzes easier to play!

Pin It improvements

  • Show the leaderboard at the end of a pint it game
  • Show other players position

Join a room on Doozy today

Polish it Monday

We're kicking off this sunny Monday morning with some bug fixes to ensure that Doozy continues to be a delight to use.

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  • Your name + avatar will be automatically remembered when switching between quizzes
  • You can now edit your name/avatar after you've joined


  • When synchronising users between Slack and Doozy, sometimes users names were missing. We've resolved this, and previously imported users will be automatically updated.
  • Limit height of Scribbler so you don't need to scroll down the page to get to the controls when lot's of players are playing.
  • Correctly resize the participants grid when switching between collapsed and grid mode

🌆 Pin It: Cities Edition




Introducing Pin It: Cities Edition. The fast-paced game to show off your geography knowledge.

Players will be presented with 10 cities. Place the pin on the map to show where the city is. The closer you are, the more points you'll get!

Play with up to 50 participants in one room 🎉 (10).gif

Thanks to Posio for providing the foundations of this game 🙌

Play now at